Exhibitor & Show Manager Notice

Important Notice to All Trade Show, Exhibition and Public Event Managers

Sharonville Convention Center Exhibitor Notice (thumb)

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1. No displays, carts or dollies of any kind may enter or exit through the public entrances of the Convention Center. Exhibitors must use the loading docks in the rear of the building only. The show management must provide a dock manager at all times during the move-in and move-out of shows. The dock manager is responsible for ensuring access to the loading docks by directing all unloaded trucks during move-in and loaded trucks during move-out to be immediately removed from the dock area. This person is also to enforce the policy that all materials enter and exit only through the loading docks and other designated entry and exit points.

2.The Convention Center does not provide storage space for exhibits prior to or after events. If your exhibit cannot be shipped in on the designated set up day, please contact your show decorator for storage and drayage services. Exhibits and other materials not removed from the Convention Center by the end of the move out period will be sent to the show decorator or a local storage facility. Labor, shipping and storage fees will be charged at the prevailing rates.

3. Exhibitors may obtain utilities and labor services only through the use of our “Service Order Form”. These forms can be obtained from the Convention Center office or accessed via the website as either a downloadable or fillable option. They should be distributed to the exhibitors in advance to allow adequate time for their return at least two weeks prior to the move in date.

4. The Convention Center does not provide complimentary extension cords for exhibits. Extension cords may be rented from the Convention Center based on availability. Please refer to the Service Order Form.

5. Cooking is only allowed in the Exhibit Hall. Exhibitors using heating devices must have a fire extinguisher in their booth. A fire watch is required should cooking take place during a show.  Please contact our event staff to coordinate with the Sharonville Fire Department.

6. Exhibitors may not affix signs or banners to the walls with tape, push pins, etc … Banners & signage may be hung from the ceilings or on pipe & drape by Convention Center staff only and at the prevailing labor rates. (See Service Order Form.)

7. Exhibitors using heating devices must have a fire extinguisher in their booth.

8. Unloaded vehicles must be immediately removed from the loading dock. The dock must remain clear for other exhibitors to have access, as well as for normal daily deliveries to the Convention Center.

9. Parking on the drive up ramp to the dock is prohibited. This ramp is for cart access only. Violators will be towed at the owner’s expense.

10. The Sharonville Convention Center is a non-smoking facility. Smoking in any part of the building, including on the dock, is strictly prohibited.

11. There will be a $500 labor charge for excessive cleanup of exhibit hall.

12. Booth Construction: For public safety and to protect our facility, prior approval for cutting, welding or painting must be provided by the Convention Center management and is only allowed for booths in the Exhibit Hall.  When equipment is approved, the floor is to be protected with plywood.  Plastic is required to protect floors when an exhibitor is painting or applying spackle, tile or similar products.  Any painting indoors is prohibited.  Any damage to the Convention Center will be billed to the exhibitor.

13. Booth Flooring: Should an exhibitor choose to bring their own carpeting rather than renting carpet from the show decorator, gaffer’s tape is only approved tape to be used to adhere the carpet to the flooring. Duct tape is prohibited. Any damage to the flooring will be billed to the exhibitor.

14. Booth Vacuuming is available at prevailing rates. Please refer to the Service Order Form.

15. Hazardous Waste: The disposal of toxic waste or non-biodegradable waste in drains is prohibited. The exhibitor is responsible for the proper removing of such waste from the facility.

16. Gas Fired Equipment: The Sharonville Fire Department must approve the use of gas fired equipment.

17. Landscaping Materials on Display: A protective floor covering must be laid prior to bricks or stone work being placed on the floor of this facility. Please provide a list of the materials you will be using to the Convention Center Event Manager. Only non-acidic dirt and mulch may be used and must be laid on top of plastic or plywood. Any damage that occurs to the facility will be billed to the exhibitor and/or the show promoter.

18. Auto Displays: For all auto displays, please disconnect the battery, purge the gas tank leaving less than 1/4 filled, and close with a gas cap or air-tight cover. Protective floor covering or Visqueen must be placed under the oil pan as well as the tires to protect the Convention Center flooring.

19. Animals: For the safety of all guests, animals are not permitted in the Sharonville Convention Center except with management approval for exhibits, displays or performances that specifically require the use of an animal. Guide or service dogs (as defined by law) are welcomed in the Convention Center.


Food Show Exhibitors:

Ovations Food Services has exclusive rights to all food & beverage services in the Sharonville Convention Center.

Exhibitors in food shows may distribute samples, from their booth, in bite-sized portions of 2 oz. for food and 4 oz. for beverages. These samples are to be used for the purpose of securing orders from the attending buyers of these products.

Food service in any of our carpeted areas requires appropriate floor covering to be provided at the exhibitor’s expense.

No other food or beverage may be brought into the Convention Center or onto its surrounding property.

Cooking is permitted in the Exhibition Hall. A fire extinguisher is required in every booth in which an exhibitor is cooking or using a heating device. Each exhibitor must complete and submit a Service Order Form, along with the appropriate payment, in order to receive utilities for their booth.

Attn. Show Managers: A fire watch is required should cooking take place during your show. Please contact our event staff to coordinate with the Sharonville Fire Department.

Exhibitors are not permitted to use the Convention Center kitchen. Arrangements may be made for the services of the Convention Center chef, when available, at the prevailing rates charged by Ovations Food Services.


Attention Show Managers:

Sharonville Convention Center can provide tables, linens & chairs at prevailing rates – please refer to Supplies & Equipment charges.

A daily cleaning charge will be assessed in the Exhibit Hall. The charge includes standard trash removal, perimeter trash removal from receptacles, and aisle sweeping/vacuuming.

West Hall: $150.00
East Hall: $150.00
Entire Exhibit Hall: $300.00

All excessive trash removal, other equipment, products & services will be provided by the Convention Center at prevailing rates.

The Show Manager and/or Dock Manager must remain on-site at the Convention Center until all exhibitors have left the building.


It is the responsibility of the show manager to enforce these policies. By implementing these policies, it is our intention to provide a safe, well kept and efficiently run facility. We feel this will contribute to making the event successful for your exhibitors and enjoyable for your guests.