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Betsy Zelek, of Betsy Zelek Marketing Services in Kenwood

Betsy Zelek, Zelek Marketing Services

Betsy Zelek, Zelek Marketing Services

I used Sharonville Convention Center for two events recently:  The HealthBridge Meaningful Use Conference and Atrium Medical Center Foundation Gala.

I am a sole proprietor and my business is primarily corporate event planning. I also do project management, customer outreach, and other marketing-related work for a variety of clients.

The Sharonville Convention Center staff was tremendously helpful with both of my recent projects. What impressed me, most of all, was how nimble and accommodating the staff was with two very different types of events.

The HealthBridge conference had complex AV needs and complicated needs for room set-up. We used the entire building for multiple sessions, accommodating 500 attendees. The Atrium Medical Center Foundation Gala was an upscale event with significant decor and food/beverage demands, accommodating 800 guests. In both cases, the staff me — and then exceeded — our expectations.

Chef Brad Muchnicki of Ovations Food Services created a terrific menu for the gala, did a special additional tasting and really delivered the night of the event.  We had rave reviews about the food.

Jennifer Hyle was our event coordinator for both events. She is a dream — a talented professional who anticipated our needs, met every request with a smile, and worked so very hard to ensure our events were perfect. Really, I cannot say enough about Jennifer!

Joe Dewald from Prestige Audio Visual coordinated our AV for both events and did a flawless job. In addition, he provided amazing, creative lighting and decor suggestions for the gala, and then executed all those great ideas beautifully, while keeping my budget in mind!

Sharonville Convention center is a lovely venue, conveniently located, and the staff is great to work with.


Members of the SPCA Committee of Cincinnati

Members of the SPCA Committee of Cincinnati

SPCA Committee Members (from left):
Sable Bender, Special Events Manager;
Valerie Jamison, Development Assistant;
Kelly Burroughs, Development Associate;
Lisa Neal, Annual Fund Manager;
Lori Fenner, Special Assistant to the President

The minute we first met with Lisa Hodge, our Sales Manager, we felt confident that we would make the 2013 SCPA Fur Ball the best ever! The expanded facility provided our event with an interesting and lively venue. Her staff made every aspect of the event — from planning to load-in to strike — a memorable experience.  It is hard to find as large and as convenient a location as the Sharonville Convention Center.

Lisa and the convention center staff offered professional assistance with suggested room layouts and the positioning of many of our important event elements. In addition, they provided advice concerning additional furniture and bar placements.

Chef Brad Muchnicki created a terrific and unique menu that was different from any of our previous events, and the results were no less than fabulous. We did not have a single issue with the food and beverage service. The banquet staff set the room perfectly, right down to the napkins! The room looked spectacular.

We would recommend Sharonville Convention Center to others only if they want an event to happen in the way that the producer intends! Our event staff was totally surprised at the support and expertise of everyone involved.  It was a long day, but we still had energy at the end when we needed it!


Bruce Metzger, Manager, Queen City Shows

Bruce Metzger, Manager, Queen City Shows

Bruce Metzger, Manager, Queen City Shows

I have produced the 20th Century Cincinnati Vintage Modern Art, Furnishings and Fashion Show at Sharonville Convention Center now for 10 years.

SCC is easy to find, does not require negotiating downtown traffic, and is in an area full of hotels/motels and restaurants at every level.

The new facility is state-of-the-art with a high degree of security. Lighting is superb and the contemporary flair fits especially well with our event. Parking is ample and convenient. Plus, the staff is top notch.

As 20th Century Cincinnati has grown, the staff at SCC has always proven to be helpful and flexible as our needs have changed. I know I can approach them with any questions or specific problems and get timely advice or suggestions — often based on their experiences with other public shows.

SCC staff has always been accessible, not only during the event, but also at anytime of the year when I needed to visit for one reason or another. Seriously, in 10 years I have seen very little staff “turnover” at SCC and literally know nearly everyone on a first-name basis — from those in the office to those who maintain the facility. That, in itself, tells a pretty compelling story.


Victor Paruta, Founder, Victory of Light Expo

Victor Paruta, Founder, Victory of Light Expo

Victor Paruta, Founder, Victory of Light Expo

For more than a decade, Victor Paruta has chosen the Sharonville Convention Center to host his Victory of Light Expo, one of the largest metaphysical conventions in the country — and he has no plans of going anywhere else. When it comes to wanting a state-of-the-art facility, exceptional staff, perfect location, and outstanding catering services, Victor says there’s simply no need to look any further.

The Sharonville Convention Center is a class act.  The beautiful facility and the caring staff have elevated the quality and reputation of my event.  They make all the planning and hard work even more effective.

The center’s location, just off I-75, allows Victor the ability to attract both exhibitors and attendees from all across Cincinnati, as well as from Dayton and a multi-state region. And in a time when everyone wants to save money, Victor says the free parking has helped attendance grow.

Ovations catering manager Kerry Terrana worked with Victor on a menu that was perfect for the Victory of Light attendees.

Many of our guests prefer vegan or vegetarian options. Kerry worked with me to come up with a menu that was just outstanding.


Mary Beth Hammond, Assistant Director of UC’s Goering Center for Family and Private Business

Mary Beth Hammond, Assistant Director of UC's Goering Center for Family and Private Business

Mary Beth Hammond
Assistant Director of UC’s Goering Center for Family and Private Business

As assistant director of the University of Cincinnati’s Goering Center, a leading educational and informational resource center for family and private businesses, Mary Beth Hammond knows the right meeting facility can make all the difference. That’s why she chose the Sharonville Convention Center to host her Goering Center luncheon seminars.

I am always impressed by the level of professionalism shown by the staff.  Not only do they provide excellent coordination of each of my events, but they are attentive, patient, and thorough.

Attendance at Mary Beth’s seminars has grown steadily since she began hosting them at the center, and she credits the staff for helping her transition to larger meeting spaces with ease.  She’s equally impressed with the Ovations’ catering team.

Chef Brad Muchnicki develops healthy choices for my attendees that are well-presented and delicious.

Every meeting we’ve held at the center has been a success.  I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a state-of-the-art, beautiful events facility with a top-notch staff.


Chad Powell, District Manager, Penske Truck Leasing

Chad Powell, District Manager, Penske Truck Leasing

Chad Powell
District Manager, Penske Truck Leasing

When Chad Powell, district manager for Penske Truck Leasing, needed a venue to host Penske’s safety meetings, he looked no further than the Sharonville Convention Center.

The center’s location, just off I-75, makes it a real win for us because it’s within easy access for Penske customers across the region, from Northern Kentucky to Dayton.  It’s really the ideal venue.

Penske strives to be at the forefront of the latest in transportation technology, and Powell says the Sharonville Convention Center’s state-of-the-art meeting spaces reinforce the company’s mission.

The recent renovations are remarkable, and when you couple that with the personal attention we get from the certified meeting planners, it makes it a real win.

More than 100 employees, customers, and representatives attend Penske’s annual safety meetings.  Powell worked with both the convention center staff and Ovations’ catering team to create a meeting space where attendees could both work and unwind with refreshments and meals created just for them.